Local and regional fine art

Our Artists

BRUCE CLIFFORD-MIXED MEDIA and ACRYLIC - hails from Kingston Ontario but grew up in West Ottawa. Always in touch with his creative side, with a flair for colours, home decorating, and even a stint as retail store window dresser, which lead to helping clients design their custom orders with Porsche for 20 years. Self taught, experimenting with colour and textures…as Bruce says, ”Keep going, you’ll know when it’s right”
DIANA JACKSON -BARREL-FIRED CERAMIC - says that "My sculptural artwork explores aesthetics found in the forms and textures all around us. Sometimes where we least expect them. Anything from natural forms found in nature, to textures and patterns found in electronics or the smooth undulations of the human form. Although Clay is my current medium of choice, historically I have also used metal, wood, or cement. Sometimes materials are combined and often processes migrate from one form to another. My focus is generally on the formal aspects of a piece but sometimes works are also functional such as architectural elements, vases, or boxes."
DON BRUNER -ACRYLIC - says "I love to celebrate the beauty of the places and the people I see. Often painting on location making a document of what is right in front of my easel. Or in the studio using photos of my wanderings. And sometimes just from memory." Don is a self-taught artist, currently an instructor at JB Arts – Almonte – Youths and Adults.
LORRAINE NAGY - OIL - has always been drawn to the arts, "but it was only when I retired that I could finally scratch that itch. Raised in the Laurentians, I loved living close to the many beautiful lakes and mountains and developed a strong attachment to nature. I try to express this in my paintings. I’ve dabbled in various forms of artistic expression but now favour oil on canvas with palette knife."
Image of a silver ring created by artist Kenna McCall.
KENNA MCCALL - FINE JEWELRY - extracts natural works of art from the Earth, through the canvas of stone, and interprets them into a wearable art form. "Although my style is inspired by Modernist and Brutalist jewelry artists of the mid-20th Century, each design is directed by the gemstone and its story. I work from my studio next to my home in Merrickville. I have been cutting gemstones and making copper and silver jewelry for more than 20 years. My work was featured in an international art fashion magazine and won a Global Excellence award from a UK luxury goods magazine."
PAMELA STEWART - ABSTRACT MIXED MEDIA - is a mixed media painter from Kanata, Ontario, Pamela uses (and loves experimenting with) modern materials such as art resin, synthetic paper, alcohol inks, glass paints, broken mirror and more. Her work is an expression of how she experiences the world around her – as an immersion of the senses. "I love for art, like life, to be a multi-sensory experience."
CHRISTINA STAPPER ---- CERAMIC POTTERY - is a small batch potter. Christina creates fantastic and functional as well as visual art. Wheel thrown and hand built. "I am in a season of life where I am saying yes to love, to being more fully and unapologetically myself, of embracing others for who they are, and of saying yes to finding ways to be light in this world. Pottery has been a space of joy, a way for me to be creative, and a means of connection to community and other creators. I am truly just a baby potter as I’m only three years into this journey, but it will be something I do forever. It feels like an extension of me."
BRENT McGILLIVRAY - WATERCOLOUR/ACRYLIC Brent creates photo-realistic style paintings with watercolour and acrylic of vanishing landmarks; roadside restaurants; motels; abandoned buildings and disappearing urban and rural artifacts. His paintings explore the dynamic relationship between architecture and light capturing details such as the way the light filters through a window or the play of shadows on a wall.
ROY BRASH - ACRYLIC - is a figurative and contemporary acrylic painter. A native of Pembroke, Ontario, he now resides in Ottawa where he has a studio. Roy grew up by the Ottawa River. His love of nature had a major impact on his art and his later depictions of animals, landscapes and water scenes. He admires in particular the power and beauty of water. Vivid colors and design are important to him and he tries to use them to express mood and motion. Roy has been professionally painting for more than 17 years.
JANIS MILLER HALL - OIL, PASTEL - states that "In my work I strive to convey a mood or feeling that the viewer can relate to. I am an Ottawa based artist who creates diverse paintings based on my experiences that explore people and their environment using a variety of mediums such as oil, pastel and acrylic. I like to use a mixture of traditional painting genres and mediums with contemporary mediums to bring forth a multidimensional quality. Hopefully my paintings will remind people of themselves, something they thought or somewhere they have been.
COLLEEN GRAY -STORYTELLING WATERCOLOUR - says the work at the Carleton Place Gallery "really speaks to the past 25 years of my journey to discover who Indigenous people are in the world - who I am through my art. It serves to both educate and highlight the unique and beautiful intricacies of Indigenous ways of knowing, ceremony and of a belief system rooted in community and generosity. I believe in the power of art to heal. It invites the imagination to dance with the heart. Art is love and vulnerability, given life and then shared.”
TOM MURPHY - STONE SCULPTURE - has been carving wood and stone for over 30 years. After a brief battle with cancer, Tom’s life changed significantly. Carving stone has allowed him to creatively channel his recovery. Originally from Perth, Tom now lives on the Ottawa River with his beautiful wife Anne-Marie. Tom Murphy carves soapstone, serpentine and alabaster. All of Tom’s work is done by hand, much of which expresses his love and respect of the natural environment.
MAGGIE WESLEY - SCULPTURE -told us a bit about her process. "When creating my art, I begin by examining my scavenged supply of wood and metal objects that must be shaped by human hands but also touched by nature. I then contemplate how to breathe new life into this weathered material, envisioning the transformative process that will recycle them into artwork, allowing their spirit to live on." Maggie lives on several wooded acres in Woodlawn, Ontario where she has a woodworking shop and painting studio.
JAYNIE COULTERMAN - ACRYLIC - is an Ottawa-based artist who has worked in many media, but focuses now on acrylics. “I am drawn to the cycles of nature and the natural beauty of rural and untouched landscapes. I paint to convey the emotion and the impressions of the subject, rather than the detailed reality. It is the feeling of calm, peacefulness and joy that I find in nature that I am driven to capture in my paintings.”
DAVID MCAUSLAN - WATERCOLOUR - is a Carleton Place local artist whose work depicts local haunts and 'everyday' scenes with wonderful light and detail, capturing buildings, nature and objects with exceptional detail and light.
ANN GRUCHY - ACRYLIC - is a visual artist living in North Gower, working and teaching in her Kars studio. She paints in both acrylic and watercolour and is known for her minimalist landscapes as well as her large, bold abstracts. “I paint trying to capture the light and atmosphere that continuously inspire me. My works are minimalist, abstracted and created spontaneously.”
RICK ROBERTS - ACRYLIC - lives and creates in Stittsville, Ontario. "I am a self taught artist who has been creating art for over 50 years. I love to work with dark lines against light backgrounds. I always concentrate on movement flow, shapes and contrasting colours to create works with impact.”
NANCY BRANDSMA - OIL - is a contemporary oil painter born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1975. She has been actively involved in the Francophone artist community of Ottawa, Ontario since 2009 where she currently resides. Her oil abstracts have been exhibited in solo shows and group exhibits throughout the province in several galleries and venues. “My art has often been compared to Van Gogh for its bold, dramatic colour and energetic brush strokes filled with emotion and movement. Like Van Gogh, my heart and passion is in every stroke and it is my sincere hope that viewers will be charmed by the complexity yet simplicity of my world.”
JOANNE COUGHLIN - ACRYLIC -says her art could be described as abstract expressionism. "Most of my work is layered and colourful and often reflects an aspect of nature."
GINNY FOBERT - PHOTOGRAPHIC ART “To me, it seems limiting to only photograph the world in one way. I like to look for something of interest and go beyond it to find a different way to portray what I see. Photography allows me to get outside the box, be a bit rebellious, break some rules and get away with it. Photography is a way of slowing down, escaping the norm and watching the world move at a more peaceful pace. The day I discovered photography I also discovered a hidden part of myself.”
MAUREEN BENNETT - ACRYLIC - Told us that "Not that long ago, I expanded the concepts of design learned from a history of stained glass-making and fabric design to arrive at my own signature style of acrylic painting." She finds inspiration from the Group of Seven and paints mainly from memory and the emotional experience of time spent in Algonquin, Georgian Bay and the Western provinces with intuition guiding her colour choices and composition. Her paintings' evoke feelings of peace, solitude and quiet.
JANET TULLOCH - ECO PRINTING - says that her art practice, vis a vis nature, "is a response to what I see as The Sacred Wild. This body of work explores the joy and mystery found in gardens and forests through my inquiry and response to the visual language of plant life."
VIOLETA BORISONIK - MIXED MEDIA - "gives people a chance to escape to a different reality. A happy place where you can breathe peace and freedom.” Violeta was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has a degree in Architecture from the University of Buenos Aires and Visual Arts from the Ottawa School of Art. Violeta is a mixed media artist exploring the urban landscape. Some of her works have a more geometric abstract style showing a strong influence of her background as an Architect.