*This session is now sold out however if you’d like to be on a waiting list please reach out to us via email (see below).



This workshop is designed to introduce students to techniques for planning and developing a strong landscape painting in acrylic paint.  It is designed for any artist who is interested in my informed intuitive approach to interpreting landscape and water.

We will begin with a review of fundamentals of composition and values, using a reference photo of the student’s choice.  Bring a selection of photos. As you learn about composition, you may wish to choose another photo. Keep in mind that I will probably be demonstrating paintings involving rocks, trees and water! 

We will develop the composition of your painting together through a series of exercises, working it up into a full-sized painting.

I will demonstrate throughout the workshop to explain colour choices and other topics.  We will view a slide show of various artists, who in their work, demonstrate the theme of the day.

We will end with a final critique and discussion of the paintings done in the workshop.

Demos will be done in acrylics. Workshops are always student driven. The chance to spend extended time with a small group of students will allow us to delve into each person’s own artistic exploration. I help my students to better understand and articulate their own unique visual language.

Be sure to request the materials requirements at [email protected] – attention Colleen, if you register for this workshop.