“Neurographic art is therapeutic. It has been scientifically validated and proven to benefit chronic pain sufferers and people who suffer from anxiety. It is soothing and fun to create in this playful and simple mode of artistic creativity.”


from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm 

$35 per person – No experience needed!

Neurographic art is a brilliant tool for unburdening the mind, freeing up your creativity and exploring art using simple and inexpensive tools. Rick Roberts has been teaching this art form for several years. This exercise will take you from the inception of Neurographic art to a work in progress that will show you the power of freeing your mind and expressing yourself through linework. Art skills are unimportant for this exercise and all levels are welcome – if you can hold a pen, you can benefit from this workshop.

Materials you are asked to bring are:

  • Sharpie marker – fine point permanent ink marker.
  • Sharpie marker – ultra-fine point permanent marker.
  • 1 pencil with pencil sharpener
  • 1 white polymer or plastic eraser (Pentel or Staedler recommended)
  • 1 sketchbook, minimum 8×10” ($4.00 at dollar store is fine).