Join us for this awesome 2-day ‘camp’ with professional photographer Emilia Prus from Light Depiction.

Learn to take great photos with your cell phone. Learn how to use Canva, frame your images properly, create balance and symmetry and then head out for some street photography to test your skills.

Students should bring their cell phone and a laptop or ipad for this workshop.

Perfect for teens aged 13 up!


Tues March 12 + Wednesday March 13 

This program is developed around the idea that a student will bring in his or her own cell phone and laptop/ipad.  

Hours of the Workshop will run 10-3 with a 30 minute break for lunch.
Students will have to bring their own lunches/snacks.
Cost of Camp: 140.00+HST per camper
Minimum of 5 campers to run


Day 1:  Visual Concepts/ Rules of Composition

    • Students will need to know what makes a good photo. In this lesson I will be explaining the following rules: Rule of thirds, balance/symmetry, colour/black and white, natural framing, lines, angles/view point, cropping, depth. 
    • We will go over the rules within the classroom finding objects and models to practice on until lunchtime.
    • LUNCH TIME 12-12:30
    • After lunch time campers practice their Rules of Composition.1 hour walk through the St. James Park and the Bridge down Ottawa Valley Trail to Carleton Junction and back to practice the rules + make panoramas
  • Meet back in the Carleton Place Gallery to share their work of the day + consolidate

Day 2: How to Edit your photos * Students must have access to a free editing app such as canva on their cell phones/ipads/computers. Social media applications are optional. 

  • Review of Rules of Composition
  • Focus on Types of Self-Portraits 
  • Will explain basic functions of social media. A post/story/tiktok etc.
  • Students can come up with their own plan for their post concept
  • LUNCH TIME 12:12:30
  • After lunch time campers practice their Manual Mode 1 hour walk down Bridge street with emphasis on “street photography” and “food photography” (they can pick up a snack from Holey Confections, or a tea/coffee and shoot it in the classroom)
  • Meet back in the Carleton Place Gallery to share their work of the day + consolidate