Taste is personal and so is artistic style.

In this painting class you will learn how to identify, love and develop your own style without fear or judgment.

Your instructor, Carleton Place Gallery artist Nancy Brandsma, is fully bilingual.


4 Fridays  April 19, 26 and May 3, 10

1pm – 3:30pm at the CP Gallery Studio

$125 per person

Classes will be a mixture of group discussions, class exercises and fun challenges alongside your personal painting projects. Come to class with your favourite tools and media (oil or acrylic paint) and be ready to be challenged and to dig deep into your gut, to listen to your instincts and to laugh and to scream. Participants will share tips and tricks and everyone will feel inspired to try new things while exploring the world outside your comfort zone. Artists of all levels are welcome and the class will be tailored to suit the majority, but all are encouraged to work on their own unique projects.

“I’ve taken several painting classes with Nancy over the past few years. Nancy is an enthusiastic Francophone artist who is always very committed to meeting the needs of the group she works with. She is positive and encouraging. What I particularly like is that she often makes me see my work from another perspective and always encourages me to let go in my creative process.” – Rachel Amyotte


MATERIALS – Recommendations for best results for this workshop series!

Bring your own acrylic or oil paint materials.

Here are some suggestions of items you might want to purchase at your local art store. I strongly recommend a good student grade paint (Series 1 is perfect). I do NOT recommend paint from a dollar store if you want great colours and good results.

Recommended colours Fun to have colours
Titanium White  Payne’s Gray
Pale yellow Naples yellow
Yellow Ochre Yellow deep
Medium yellow / Primary Yellow Yellow lemon
Alizarin red  
Medium Red Pyrrole red
Light Red  
Primary magenta / Quinacridone pink  
Ultramarine / Cobalt / Dioxazine Turquoise
Phthalo and/or Prussian blue Cerulean blue
Phthalo and/or Prussian green Sap Green
Light green / Perm Green  Yellow Green
Purple Earth colours: Burnt or Raw Sienna/Umber 
Orange Vermilion


Support suggestion : The stretch canvas available at the dollar store is of very poor quality. I strongly recommend you purchase prepared canvases at your local art store. Gallery thickness canvas is preferable as it gives a more professional finish and it saves you money as no frame is required once done – all you have to do is paint the sides!

Think: If you paint something wonderful but it’s on very poor support you will be disappointed – and yes you will paint something wonderful!

Oil Painters Acrylic Painters
Support : Canvas (primed) / Wood panel (Requires gesso) / Canvas paper/ 

Rigid Canvas board (Dollar store has various sizes).

A variety of paint brushes – Zen is a very affordable brand. Minimum 3. 

Round, flat, angled, fan….

A variety of spatulas – Metal is best. The metal ones at the dollar store are too stiff. Minimum 3.
Odorless solvent Water container for brushes
Linseed oil Gloss gel: Medium or heavy body (Optional)
Mixing palette: disposable, wood, plastic or metal / Green or blue painters tape
Rags, paper towel / Gloves / Table cloth / Apron
An easel is not required but you can bring one if you wish. 

If you bring an easel and are working on a small piece or on canvas paper, please bring a rigid support and 2 large binder paper clips.