“Good musicianship, creativity and a free spirit mark these artists’ performance.”

“A whole lot of talent packed into one little family band. Beautiful people, beautiful stories and beautiful music.”

TRiPOD – We are family….and the family that plays together…makes memories together. Kathryn Briggs, Terry Tufts and daughter Beth Tufts have all made music for most of their lives. From stages to studios, teaching, performing, music has been the central thread in the weave of TRiPOD’s eclectic tapestry. Terry is an award-winning singer-songwriter, finger-style guitarist who has performed with countless greats as well as being a solo artist. Kathryn began her musical life quietly. She began teaching at 18 and it wasn’t until she met Terry in 1997 that she started to perform. When Beth was born, right between her eyebrows, where her 3rd eye lay, was a tiny blue vein….shaped just like a bass clef. She began performing with her parents when she was 16.

TRiPOD brings audiences a wildly eclectic mix of original music and cover tunes with passion, joy and a whole lot of fun….and love.

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