Rosalyn Dennett is a lifelong scholar of traditional fiddle styles, including Irish, Canadian, Appalachian, Bluegrass, Cajun and more!

Rob McLaren is a master of all things string. He plays them all. His quirky style occupies a cozy nook between old-time, honky-tonk and newgrass.

Join us for another wonderful ‘Art House’ gallery after-hours concert event!



Rosalyn Dennett is a fiddler, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who has established herself on the international roots scene. With four nominated albums, headlining four international tours, and sold out shows across the country, she has also travelled extensively through Ireland, Appalachia and Louisiana to pursue her love of traditional music.

A folk-rocker musician, Rob McLaren‘s quirky song-writing style has always stood apart from the crowd. The song writing is alternatingly sincere and silly. His music showcases the breadth of musical aptitudes and experiences, occupying a cozy nook between old-time, honky-tonk, and newgrass, while featuring dizzying chops on a small heap of instruments. Check out Rob’s Instagram account for more.